Add, remove, review prices... all with ease.

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Cancel Any Time

You may cancel your subscription at any time, with no penalties.


Unlimited Users

You can add as many profiles for your employees as you want  no extra charge.


Multiple Languages

Our platform is available in over 11 different languages


Customizable Fields


You can create your own fields to adjust the platform to you own needs

  • Your Providers 

Keep track of your providers. You will always know when your merchandise arrived and who was responsible.

  • Bank Accounts

With  ADM, you can keep track of how much money goes in and out of your bank accounts.

  • Manage Taxes

Add or remove taxes when processing a transaction.

  • Transfer Merchandise

You can easily transfer merchandise and money from one branch to the other.

  • Price Quotes

Store price quotes for customers. Said quotes will be updated automatically.

  • Control Your Money

Monitor cash deposits, and withdrawals on real time.

Manage your business

Control your inventory

Set Different Prices

You will be able to set different prices for different types of customers.

Price conversion

Our tools allow you to convert prices into different currencies for foreign customers.

Voice Assitant

With our voice assistant, making mistakes when reviewing your inventory, is no longer an issue.


Create your own categories, and use them to keep track of your products.

Manage Prices

Add, remove, change and review prices with ease.

Export From Your Catalog

Don't waste time adding one product at the time. Import your products from your existing catalog.

  • Reports Over Time

Use our reports to review the performance of your business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Graphs  

Our reports are displayed in a visually appealing manner. You can easily compare two different periods.

  • Daily Reports

Review daily register closure summaries and sales history reports, confirm payments, and easily check for discrepancies.

  • Recent Events

Review recent events, such as: sales, payments, and cash withdrawals.

  • Modifications

There will be a report indicating who modified the prices or what discounts have been given.

  • Secure Your Money

You will always know how much petty cash is available at any time.

  • Compatibility

Our platform is compatible with almost any scanner, and ticket printer.

  • Tickets  

Print custom tickets that include your logo and the name of your business.

  • Highly Customizable

Select your timezone. Add your logo and your business's name.

  • Mixed Payments

Your clients will be able to make mixed payments. One fraction might be paid with credit card, and the other on cash.

  • Search Bar

If you know how to use a search engine, you know how to use ADM. Just type in the name or category of the product you are looking for.

  • Different Payment Methods

Our POS is able to handle different payment methods, such as: credit card, debit card, and cash.

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